Inaugural workshop report: Ideophones and non-lexicals

Written by Agnes Löfgren & Hannah Pelikan See also Mark Dingemanse's notes on the event on his website: Part 1; Part 2. Inspirational Keynote Lectures To kick off our project and to examine and discuss vocalizations from a broad range of settings, we held an inaugural workshop on “Ideophones and Non-Lexical Vocalizations” on November 28-30. …

Research Visit: Richard Ogden

In November 2018, Richard Ogden joined us for a research visit. He and Leelo Keevallik prepared the application for a special issue concerning non-lexicals, which will present the research shown at the ICCA2018 panel on the same material. Prof. Ogden also joined us for our non-lexicals and ideophones workshop from Nov. 28th-30th.

Ideophones and non-lexicals: Inaugural workshop

Our first workshop welcomes Prof. Mark Dingemanse and Prof. Richard Ogden to Linköping to compare ideophones and non-lexical vocalizations, and to discuss conventionalization and context of use. We will examine data in a multitude of settings, including interactions with robots, mealtimes, and classrooms. The workshop runs November 28th to November 30th. A report of the …

ICCA2018: Panel – Non-lexical vocalisations in interaction

Keevallik and Ogden organized a panel of 11 presentations on different non-lexical vocalisations at ICCA2018. In order of presentation, the panel included: Samu Pehkonen. Vocalising (dis) affiliation with a running buddy:h(h)uh huh prefaced turns in Finnish Edward Reynolds. “When I heard the O! I was like ooh ooh”: the phonetics of flooding out Elliott Hoey. …

Research Visit: Ann Weatherall

We were joined by Ann Weatherall from May 22nd to June 27th 2018. Prof. Weatherall and Leelo Keevallik worked together on the ARCH corpus, examining pain cries in doctor-patient interaction, and how the communication of patient pain is responsive to sequential environment.