Social Psychology: Wiggins: Plenary on eating practices

Wiggins is giving a plenary talk at the Finnish Annual Social Psychology Conference (Tampere University): "On how the psychological becomes the social in everyday eating practices", May 7th, 2020. Abstract: In this presentation, I will discuss the ways in which psychological concepts associated with eating practices, such as food preferences, become social in everyday interaction. …

Hofstetter: Field camera rigs

Hofstetter has written a tutorial on creating your own mobile camera backpack rig, particularly for capturing video of rock climbers at height. You can read it in the ISCA Forum Newsletter, an online informal publication for interactional researchers.

Hofstetter: DARGchive

Hofstetter appeared in an interview in the DARGchive series, which speaks to interactional researchers about their history with this field of research, their current work and future plans. (Previous interviews in this series include two from our team, Leelo Keevallik and Sally Wiggins!)

Keevallik: DARGchive Interview

Keevallik appeared in an interview about how she came to study the body and syntax and non-lexical vocalizations, her current work, and her future plans. You can find it in the DARGchive series of interviews with interactional researchers.   (Prior interviews include one with another of our team members, Sally Wiggins!)

Pelikan et al.: Workshop on autonomous buses

Pelikan, Broth & Keevallik are presenting a workshop on taking human social action into account when designing for autonomous buses. The workshop will occur at HRI 2020. The workshop abstract is available here! "Designing for Incidental Encounters with Autonomous Buses: An Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Approach"

Scandinavian interactional linguistics in Switzerland: Keevallik

Keevallik will be presenting at the closing event for the Scandinavian Linguistics research area at University of Basel's Department of Languages and Literatures. Keevallik is presenting with Prof. Lorenza Mondada on 'Interactional linguistics in Sweden and Scandinavia: A subjective Ueberblick'. She is also presenting the keynote lecture, 'Embodied Swedish syntax'. More information on the event …

Workshop report: Aesthetics and non-lexicals

Written by Agnes Löfgren. Rehearsals as an aesthetic setting and zone of (re)formulation Our third project workshop targeted non-lexical vocalizations in settings that revolve around aesthetic practices. The workshop took place between November 13th-15th and started off with a highly inspiring seminar from Spencer Hazel, University of Newcastle, UK. The seminar, titled The pursuit of …

CMD Löfgren – Mixing song and speech when proposing at opera rehearsals

Löfgren presented 'Mixing song and speech when proposing at opera rehearsals' at the Copenhagen Multimodality Day, 4 October, Copenhagen. This paper explores the interplay between aesthetic performance and social interaction by targeting suggestion sequences at an opera rehearsal. Suggestions in this setting are mostly made by the director, who is ultimately responsible for the dramatic …

IPrA Keevallik – Grammatical coordination of embodied action in Pilates classes

Keevallik presented at IPrA2019 in Hong Kong on 'Grammatical coordination of embodied action in Pilates classes', as part of a panel she organized with Pekarek Doehler. Abstract: Language is but one resource of sense-making and action formation. As interacting human beings we cannot merely rely on our earlier experiences of lexicon and grammar, because this …