Visiting Linköping


Linköping has an airport which connects almost exclusively with Amsterdam/Schiphol airport, currently running 3 flights a day.

Linköping train station is close to the city river/canal, about an hour walk away from the university. The trains connect regularly to other cities in Sweden, including Stockholm (about 2.5-3 hours from the airport). Plenty of buses go between the university and the train station at (nearly) all hours of the day. The most frequent is the #4 bus, though several others will work. There is an app for the buses, though you can also pay by tapping a card as you get on the bus.


Linköping has a fair number of hotels, and a couple of apartment style short term rentals. A few options:

Park Hotel – This hotel pays homage to Fawlty Towers in design and–as far as we have understood–, not in management style :), and is a common pick with visitors.

Sky Hotel Apartments – This is a short-term apartment rental (it is possible to stay for only a few days). There are three locations, one in town centre, one north of the train station, and one about halfway between town centre and the university (Valla Berså).

Hilma Winblads – a bed and breakfast right in the centre of Gamla Linköping (see below).

Clarion Slottsparken

Quality Hotel Ekoxen

And Hotel (Best Western)

Comfort Hotel


Money – It’s important to know that Sweden is an almost entirely cashless society. You can withdraw cash and larger stores/chains will accept cash, but almost everywhere prefers or requires a card to pay, and much smaller places may only take ‘Swish’, a local digital bank payment phone app. We mention this just so you don’t take out a lot of cash in advance of travel! Card payment is much better. You should also be able to use a card to tap-pay for bus fare.

Language – Most people in Sweden speak at least enough English to have a basic conversation or answer questions, and most will speak it very well. Swedish for hello is ‘hej’ ([hej]) and thank you is ‘tack’ ([tak]). There isn’t really a ‘please’ so people often just append ‘tack’ a lot.

Weather – It will probably be between 5 and 18C most days, with a 40% chance of rain at this time of year.


The main points for sightseeing in Linköping are the cathedral (Linköpings Domkyrka), the historical town (Gamla Linköping), and the canal (Kinda Kanal), all three of which are free to visit. Gamla Linköping is very close to the university (10 minute walk away). Several parks and nature reserves are also nice, including Lilla Valla (behind the university, between the conference building and Gamla Linköping), Valla Skogen (a forest close to the university), and Trädgårdsföreningen (the arboretum in town centre).