Pelikan: Why Autonomous Driving Is So Hard

Pelikan is presenting a paper at HRI 2021 on how autonomous buses must coordinate with pedestrians and other everyday road users in the social world of traffic. Abstract: Why Autonomous Driving Is So Hard: The Social Dimension of Traffic. Smooth traffic presupposes fine coordination between different actors, such as pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers. When …

Pelikan et al.: Sound in human-robot interaction

Pelikan, Robinson, Keevallik, Velonaki, Broth, and Brown are organizing a workshop on Sound in human-robot interaction at HRI 2021. Abstract: Robot sound spans a wide continuum, from subtle motor hums, through music, bleeps and bloops, to human-inspired vocalizations, and can be an important means of communication for robotic agents. This first workshop on sound …

Pelikan: EMCA and research through design

Pelikan is presenting a workshop paper discussing the ways EMCA and technological design can mutually inform each other, at Research Through Design Approaches in Human-Robot Interaction, which is held in conjunction with the 16th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Abstract: Research through design papers often point out that there is a gap between theory and …

Pelikan: IEEE HRI: Intermediate level knowledge

Pelikan presented a workshop (peer reviewed) at the first international workshop on Designerly HRI Knowledge held in conjunction with the 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2020), entitled: Intermediate-Level Knowledge: A Conversation Analysis Perspective.

Pelikan et al.: Workshop on autonomous buses

Pelikan, Broth & Keevallik are presenting a workshop on taking human social action into account when designing for autonomous buses. The workshop will occur at HRI 2020. The workshop abstract is available here! "Designing for Incidental Encounters with Autonomous Buses: An Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Approach"