Pelikan et al.: Sound in human-robot interaction

Pelikan, Robinson, Keevallik, Velonaki, Broth, and Brown are organizing a workshop on Sound in human-robot interaction at HRI 2021.


Robot sound spans a wide continuum, from subtle motor hums, through music, bleeps and bloops, to human-inspired vocalizations, and can be an important means of communication for robotic agents. This first workshop on sound in HRI aims to bring together interdisciplinary perspectives on sound, including design, conversation analysis, (computational) linguistics, music, engineering and psychology. The goal of the workshop is to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange and to form a more coherent overview of perspectives on how sound can facilitate human-robot interaction. During the half-day workshop, we will explore (1) the diverse application opportunities of sound in human-robot interaction, (2) strategies for designing sonic human-robot interactions, and (3) methodologies for the evaluation of robot sound. Workshop outcomes will be documented on a dedicated website and are planned to be collected in a special issue.

The seminar can be rewatched here:

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