Pelikan et al. CHI2022: Interaction Prototyping With Video

Pelikan et al. have presented a workshop at CHI2022, “Interaction Prototyping With Video: Bridging Video Interaction Analysis & Design”

Hannah Pelikan, Yoyo Tsung-Yu Hou, Jenny Fu, Leelo Keevallik, Mathias Broth, and Malte F. Jung. 2022. Interaction Prototyping With Video: Bridging Video Interaction Analysis & Design. In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (CHI ’22 Extended Abstracts), April 29-May 5, 2022, New Orleans, LA, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 4 pages.


In this course you will learn how to use video data for prototyping. The course provides hands-on training in working with video clips, including transcription and identification of relevant actions. You will familiarize with core interaction analytic concepts (grounded in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis) and will learn how to do an action-by-action analysis. Working on the design case of everyday interaction with automatic doors, you will learn how video interaction analysis can be embedded in an iterative design process.

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