Pelikan et al. ICRA 2022:

At the workshop Sound for Robots, held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2022), Pelikan et al. presented  “Designing Minimal Sounds for Maximum Interaction.” 


Hannah Pelikan, Jenny Fu, Yoyo Tsung-Yu Hou, Asher Lipman, and Malte Jung


While recent work has started to explore how to make robots sound more pleasant, we still know little about how to time sounds in meaningful ways in ongoing interaction. Building on video recorded interactions with a virtual team assistant, this paper explores the design of minimal sounds to enhance the communicative abilities of such an agent. Relying on designers’ intuitive understanding of interaction, the paper presents a simple voice-over prototyping technique using a MIDI keyboard to explore the timing of minimal sounds. Drawing on ethnomethododologic and conversation analytic (EMCA) transcription practices, we present a novel framework for exploring the communicative function of robot sound and for presenting knowledge generated during prototyping sessions.

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